Former US Senator counts on Crypto to be a deciding factor in the upcoming elections

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The crypto council for innovation in the United States surveyed to recognize the consensus of people regarding crypto regulations in the country. 

There has always been a significant hesitancy regarding regulations and legislation from the crypto industry; however, the recent survey featuring the public’s opinion shows otherwise. The people of the US who participated in the survey heavily voted in favor of regulations in the industry. 

As per the data, 52% of the 1200 voters who participated in the survey voted for more industry regulation, whereas about 7% believed that the industry should be less regulated. The rest 41% of the participants were evenly split in their opinion, where one-half believed that the industry is appropriately regulated at present, and the other half had no opinion. Around 58% also voted for lawmakers to simultaneously prioritize market stability and fraud detection. 

Cory Gardner, former senator and the current chief political strategist of the crypto council for innovation, took the survey results positively. He said that people have now recognized the potential of crypto and, to have clarity and transparency, voted in favor of regulations. The regulations would further enhance the consistency of recognition of potential in the industry. 

Gardner said that public opinion stands close to the organization’s opinion, stating that everyone wishes for safety, soundness, clarity to the rules, and a legislative framework to support that. However, the number of hands turning up in favor of crypto regulations at the ballot box during the midterm election remains in suspense. 

He stated that the people of America are being hopeful and see crypto as an opportunity. He also believes that people will turn up more in favor of pro-Crypto candidates. Therefore a difference can be made in the upcoming midterm elections if candidates reach out to people on the topic of cryptocurrency. 

The council’s survey also showed that among the participants, around 13% owned cryptocurrency, whereas only 1% owned an NFT. However, the poll further revealed that crypto-friendliness would probably not be a deciding factor for voters in choosing their candidates. 

Around 6% of the total participants in the survey said that they would vote for a crypto-friendly politician, whereas 39% said they were unlikely to vote for a politician who advocates for crypto. The biggest share, i.e., around 42%, said that the crypto factor wouldn’t affect their decision at all. 

However, around 60% of the participants who own crypto said they would prefer a crypto-friendly politician, whereas more than a third said it wouldn’t hamper their decision. 


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