Dean McDermott Disappeared After That Deleted Divorce Announcement. Is He Still Living With Tori Spelling?

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  • Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling have officially announced their separation after being married for 17 years, but McDermott has not been seen with their children since then.
  • Spelling and their children have been moving around a lot, staying in a motel and now in an RV due to a mold issue in their home, which has made them sick.
  • McDermott is reportedly furious with Spelling’s living arrangements and believes she could afford to live elsewhere, but his main concern is their children’s well-being.

For better or worse, Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling have stuck by each other for over a decade. The Hollywood couple was married for 17 years and share five children together. And while things haven’t always been good in the marriage, McDermott and Spelling appeared determined to make work despite previous rumors of an impending split.

Much to the shock of fans, however, it was recently confirmed that the couple did go through with their decision to separate. And while Spelling has been moving around a lot with their kids since the breakup, McDermott hasn’t been spotted with his young brood.

Dean McDermott Announced He And Tori Were Divorcing

In June 2023, McDermott took to social media to confirm that his marriage to Spelling was over. In the since-deleted post, the actor wrote that the former couple would continue to co-parent their children as they seek privacy for the family.

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In the years leading to the split, there have also been signs that McDermott and Spelling’ marriage was in trouble. Back in 2021, many raised questions after Spelling posted a family holiday card on Instagram with McDermott notably absent.

While it was clarified that McDermott was filming in Canada when the holiday card photo was taken, a source told People that they were “not in a good place and have been evaluating their relationship” during that time. The source also described the relationship between the couple as “very chilly” and revealed that they were already “living separate lives.”

Meanwhile, when Spelling was asked about the split rumors during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, the actress didn’t address the issue directly but admitted that she and McDermott were sleeping in separate rooms.

Tori Spelling Is Living In An RV Amid House Issues

Tori Spelling posing for a photo
via Instar

Since the split, it appears that the couple’s children have all remained with Spelling. And in recent months, the Beverly Hills 902010 star has been seen moving around a lot with her young brood. Following McDermott’s post, Spelling and their children were spotted checking into a $100 motel.

However, it was claimed that the move to the motel had nothing to do with the split. Rather, the actress made the decision to temporarily stay at the motel due to a mold issue in the couple’s home.

In an Instagram post, Spelling revealed that their home was “labeled a health hazard” and that the mold has left the family “feeling so sick and in bed.” Despite everyone being unwell, the actress also shared that they made the decision to vacate their home immediately.

In another post, the actress also claimed that the mold infestation in their home had been “slowly killing” them for the past three years and that her children have become “so sick” and “can’t get well.”

She also asked her followers for recommendations for a “Major Great MOLD lawyer” in California who can assist her family. Spelling has also shared updates about her children’s treatment, revealing that she has been taking her kids to Urgent Care.

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Since then, however, Spelling and her children have been pictured leaving the motel. After reportedly staying with a friend, Spelling has since moved into an RV home that is parked in a campground in Ventura County, California amid reports that the actress is struggling financially.

Spelling, along with McDermott, have also been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly failing to repay a bank loan they made with City National Bank. That said, Spelling’s mother, Candy Spelling, reportedly found a house that the actress and children could move into. However, her offer was turned down.

Where Is Dean McDermott Living Now?

Dean McDermott out with Tori Spelling
via Instar

Amid everything that has been going on with Spelling, McDermott has been noticeably absent from the family and has not even been seen around the campgrounds where Spelling’s RV home is parked.

Since the split, the actor has only been spotted moving his personal belongings into a storage unit after announcing their split.

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Since then, McDermott has largely managed to avoid getting photographed in public. That said, the actor seems aware of everything that is going on with Spelling and their children. A source even told that McDermott is “furious” with his estranged wife for choosing to live in an RV despite all the “offers from friends to stay in their homes.”

Sources also claimed that McDermott and all of Spelling’s friends are “mortified” with the actress. They also claimed that McDermott and company believe that Spelling is only doing “for sympathy” as the actress has money and could afford to move into a rental property or even possibly buy a home.

A source also said that McDermott’s “main concern” is their children and that he doesn’t believe they should keep living in an RV. Even if it is unclear if McDermott has been able to see his children since the split, it has been claimed that the actor “is still talking to them” regularly. It is also unclear if McDermott intends to fight Spelling for full custody of their children.

At the same time, it also seems that McDermott and Spelling don’t plan to reconcile anytime soon. The source also claimed that the actor is “furious” with his estranged wife for “acting like a child.”

It was also claimed that Spelling “had every opportunity” to work on their marriage but instead, she “fostered the narrative for years that she was done” with McDermott.

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