Everscale Foundation is Live and Helping Blockchain Businesses and Developers

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Asian blockchain network Everscale activated its long-awaited DAO governance protocol last year, leading to the complete decentralization of network management. The network also proposed the creation of a foundation to oversee its activities.

Today, the foundation known as Everscale Foundation has been launched. Also registered as a non-profit organization in Zug, Switzerland, the foundation will represent Eversacle, serving as an evangelist entity, reference point and intermediary between the network and the global community.

The foundation will also identify and onboard promising businesses and individuals in the blockchain ecosystem. There is no better network to do this, as Everscale is one of the best for governances and large-scale businesses looking to integrate blockchain technology into their working models.

This is because of its unique technical abilities, which enable it to scale any network load, regardless of size, without it affecting transaction times or processing fees. For entities looking to launch CBDCs and other massive projects, Everscale presents a unique opportunity and will focus on identifying projects that can benefit from its superior tech and bring them on board.

Everscale Foundation will also be the leading agency for increasing global awareness of Everscale through Media partnerships, marketing campaigns and Everscale evangelism. It will have a press house that will serve as a bridge between the project and the outside media and create awareness about the project.




Going forward, Everscale will also be able to host its events and attend other blockchain events globally with the foundation’s help. It is worthy of note that the foundation is an independent entity with zero control over the network, keeping with Everscale’s decentralized philosophy. While it shoulders most of the responsibilities of overseeing the smooth running of the project, the community will still participate in voting on changes to be made.

Speaking on the foundation,  Marcelo Garcia of Everscale said: “Everscale has undeniable potential to break into the top tier of blockchains by market cap. Establishing the Everscale Foundation is a huge step for the network’s development, both internally and externally. Now, outside parties will have a concrete means of contacting, learning about, and cooperating with the network and its various projects.” 

“We also can’t wait to increase our presence at conferences and events, and in the media. Given all the goals Everscale has already accomplished, it is high time for it to be globally recognized as one of the most dynamic and promising blockchains in existence,” he added.

Everscale has, within the past two years, emerged as one of the leading blockchains in Asia with a thriving community and robust ecosystem of DeFi platforms. It is currently working on an Indonesian campaign to integrate itself with the Indonesian economy and open new doors for Indonesians into the world of DeFi and cryptocurrency.


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