Angels, Ghosts, Deities and Their Magnetic Plasma Bodies

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The appearance and characteristics of the bodies of angels, ghosts and deities show marked similarities and suggest that they are composed of the same substance – magnetic plasma. Magnetic plasma, besides generating electromagnetic fields, is a good conductor of electricity and radiator of electromagnetic waves.

1. Emission of Light and Colorful Auras

Unlike our physical bodies which are visible because of reflected light; angels, ghosts and deities emit light as a result of interactions between particles in their bodies and high energy particles in the environment — similar to what happens in auroras and inside fluorescent lamps. This is why angels, ghosts and deities glow brightly in the dark.

The aura that is radiated by these higher energy entities is generated in the same way that an aurora is generated. In the case of an aurora, electrons passing through space are captured by the Earth’s magnetic field and follow spiral or helical tracks about the magnetic lines of force and in the process collide with gases in the neutral atmosphere generating the aurora. Similarly, charged particles (popularly referred to as particles of ‚qi‘, ‚prana‘ or ‚kundalini‘ in the metaphysical literature) are captured by the electromagnetic fields of the bodies of angels, ghosts and deities; which then flow down (or up) twisted magnetic (helical or spiral) lines of force into their higher energy bodies generating colorful auras as they react with the particles in the environment and in the subtle bodies. Furthermore, their bodies are also ‚thermochromic.‘ A thermochromic body produces color changes in response to the heat generated by electrical currents within the higher energy subtle bodies.

2. Features Associated with Magnetic Plasma

Angels, ghosts and deities also have features associated with the Sun. This is not surprising as the Sun is a big ball of magnetic plasma. Coronal auras and discharges, granulation and spicules are all features associated with the Sun and magnetic plasma bodies. The coronal aura is even more pronounced for angels and in apparitions of saints or deities. Coronal discharges and flares can occur suddenly on the Sun. The various particles that are discharged, together with these flares, are carried by the Sun’s plasma wind to cause magnetic storms on Earth. Similarly, the coronal auras of saints and deities blast-out particles that may have a harmful or positive effect on the observer’s body. Spicules are short-lived phenomena, corresponding to rising jets of gas that move upward and last only a few minutes on the Sun. Spicules can also be seen in the coronas of angels, ghosts and deities.

3. Balls of Light

The natural stable shape of magnetic plasma bodies is ovoid. The membrane of this ovoid may be transparent. Within the ovoid, composed of low density magnetic plasma, a holographic thought-form may be generated. On May 13, 1917 a sudden strong wind on a calm day startled three peasant children out of a game they were playing and they saw across the valley a dazzling globe of light, like a miniature Sun, gliding slowly towards them. As it approached, the ball of light gradually resolved itself into a brilliantly shining young man. According to the children they saw „a light whiter than snow in the shape of a transparent young man, who was more brilliant than a crystal struck by the rays of the Sun.“

When internal frequencies change, magnetic plasma can become translucent or transparent (this is a natural property of magnetic plasma). In other words, the opacity of the bodies of angels, ghosts and deities can be manipulated electromagnetically – allowing the bodies to apparently appear, disappear or fade away. Ghosts, angels and religious figures have frequently been reported to be transparent or translucent and casting faint shadows. This betrays the fact that their bodies are composed of magnetic plasma.

Ghosts also have been reported to be in the form of vortices (like a moving cyclone) or vapor. All these forms are compatible with descriptions of magnetic plasma and its dynamics.

4. Passing through Objects

Being composed of low density plasma, ghosts can pass through you, walls and other ghosts. They are composed of ‚collisionless plasma‘ – just like Earth’s plasmasphere. This is also a characteristic of collisionless dark matter. Ron Cowen says, „Evidence indicates that when speeding fragments of dark matter meet, they don’t collide as other matter do but pass right through each other, ghostlike.“ According to plasma metaphysics a lot of dark matter is in the form of a plasma of super (i.e. supersymmetric) particles and objects. You are unlikely to ‚collide‘ with ghosts but electromagnetic effects can be felt if their bodies glide near or through your own magnetic plasma body. There could be changes in frequencies (which correspond to changes in energy levels) and distributions of charges over your own subtle magnetic plasma body.

5. Electromagnetic Nature and Radiation of Long-Range „Radio“ Waves

In encounters with ghosts, lights may go on and off without any mechanical change in the position of the light switch. Similarly, messages may appear on a computer screen without any movement of keys on the computer keyboard. Some have even claimed that broadcasts of various beings residing in parallel planes have been transmitted and received by television. This is not inconceivable — considering that ghosts have magnetic plasma bodies which are good radiators of electromagnetic waves, analogous to long range radio waves. When these waves are modulated by the thoughts of the owner, telepathy can take place. The radio waves become part of the remotely-sensed electromagnetic spectrum of these bodies – just like visual, infrared, or ultraviolet emissions. This allows these entities to communicate their mental and emotional states to human beings through our higher energy (magnetic plasma) bodies.

6. Appearing and Disappearing

The bodies of these entities are generally not composed of standard particles (i.e. particles that are currently known to Science and included within the physicists‘ ‚Standard Model‘.) They are composed of much higher energy super (or supersymmetric) particles and objects. These higher energy particles cannot be observed by scientists currently – using particle accelerators which can only probe lower energy particles. Human beings or animals that use the sensory systems of their higher energy bodies can see these plasma-based life-forms.

Alternatively, higher energy entities can ’step-down‘ the frequencies of the waves they radiate intermittently; intentionally or unintentionally; thereby becoming momentarily visible to those who are sensing them through their physical-biomolecular bodies. In these cases, these ordinarily invisible entities composed of dark matter become temporarily visible to most of us. The frequency of electromagnetic waves is related to its energy. As the energy of the body (particularly bodies in the lowest energy plane – which is usually referred to as the ‚physical-etheric‘ plane by metaphysicists) drops, the body becomes visible momentarily in our low energy world.

7. Changing Appearances

The psychological states of angels, ghosts and deities can modify their appearances in an instant. A being which is depressed would appear differently from one who is happy. From a dark evil-looking appearance, an entity can be transformed to a bright and beautiful angel in minutes when the internal psychological state changes. Changes in psychological states can change the brightness, clarity, shape and colors of the thermochromic bodies of angels, ghosts and deities by effecting changes in the electromagnetic field of the body. The holographic thought-form generated within the ovoid also changes if another persistent thought-form replaces the current one. Since your own magnetic plasma body radiates electromagnetic waves, an entity can also change its appearance in accordance with your expectations by tuning into these frequencies.


There is much evidence that ghosts, angels and deities are composed of magnetic plasma. Once this is accepted more widely, a more rigorous scientific framework can be formulated for the study of these entities. This framework will significantly increase our understanding of angels, ghosts and deities and may even allow us to communicate with lower frequency entities in the near-future.

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